Styling Tips to Make Your Hair Look Its Best

A simple style change can make your hair look better; at least it can make you feel better about your hair. The style tips in this article are pretty easy to adopt, but they should give you some fresh ways to add variety to your hairstyle. Give them a try and see what you think.

Tips And Tricks For Short Hairstyles

• Apply hair gel or pomade liberally and make a part on the side. Slick back your hair and you are ready to go.

• Ask your stylist to trim your hair with a razor blade instead of scissors to give you a tousled look.

• Rub pomade or gel in your hands and pull your short hair straight up to spike it. You might be surprised at how good this looks.

• Pixie hairstyles are very hard to grow out. If you want to change your style but don’t want to look a mess in the process, you can let the top grow long enough to pull to one side, then trim back the sides. This will get rid of that infernal, ugly mullet look.

• If you have a round face you will probably look good with short hair, as long as you keep some volume on top and keep it short and tight at the bottom.

• Get a tiny round brush and make waves while blow-drying.

• Another good style for a round face is the long bob, also known as the lob. This is when the back is cut close to the nape of the neck but the sides are longer. The long sides make the face appear slimmer.

Add Variety To Long Hair

• A bun at the top of the head or at the nape of the neck is an easy way to get long hair out of the way and give you a different look. At the same time, buns leave little fly-away hairs all over. To tame those unruly short hairs, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to your hair near the scalp. Comb it through and then tie your hair into the bun. No more fly-away hairs.

• Take a small portion of hair at each of your temples and twist it. Pin this with a bobby pin behind the ear.

• An easy way to make a chignon is to braid a low ponytail before twisting it into a bun at the nape of the neck and pinning it in place.

• Use bobby pins to fasten the ends of your hair under, making it look like a short bob.

• Even if you don’t have bangs, if you have long hair you can make it look like you have bangs. Pull layers from one side of your head across your forehead and fasten it on the other side above the ear, using a barrette. It will look like you have side bangs.

• Make a high ponytail and let it fall to your neck and below. Take a long bowed barrette and  catch the hair of the ponytail, clipping it to your head, just above the nape of your neck.

• Braid your hair and weave in ribbons or strings of tiny pearls. You can spice up simple side braids, a ponytail, or a braided bun this way.

• Whenever I make a high ponytail, it tends to slide; I find myself frequently tightening it by pulling the hair of the ponytail to each side to cinch up the band. For one thing, pulling against the ponytail band damages the hair strands. In addition, this remedy can cause the front of your ponytail to develop unsightly lumps of uneven hair.

• Recently, I have discovered a trick that prevents my ponytail from sliding. Put your hair in a high ponytail with an elastic ponytail holder. Flip the ponytail to the front over your forehead. Take two bobby pins and place one through the elastic band so that the “U” part of the pin catches the top of the band; then secure it in the hair that is swept up at the back of your head. Do this on each side under the ponytail. Flip your ponytail back over to hide the bobby pins and you will never have slippage again.

• Part your hair down the back in the middle and gather two pigtails at the nape of your neck, but do not use an elastic band to secure them. Instead, tie the two ends in a square knot. If you have the length, tie it again. There will be a tail hanging down; just pin it into the knot and secure the knot with a few more bobby pins.

Medium-Length Hair Styling

• Use the salt wave spray from to make waves and let your hair dry naturally. Take a portion of hair from the front, near the side, and twist it. Weave some ribbon in if desired and pin it behind an ear. You can do this on one or both sides.

• Make four braids; two on the side and two in the back. Bobby pin these in layers at the nape of the neck.

• Make two braids, using just the hair on the top of your head. Pull the two braids back and secure them into a low ponytail, along with the rest of your hair.

• Slip hair behind your ears and secure it with fancy combs or a barrette.

• Even though you want long hair and want to avoid cutting it, longer hair still needs to be trimmed every six to eight weeks. Just take off a half inch to an inch at the most.


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