10 Foods That Will Boost Your Hair Growth

strong healthy hair, thin hair, red hair

A lot of things have to do with our hair growth and quality, like age, genetic, parents, and the environment we live in. And we as humans can not control all of this factors, but there are alot of solutions and simple things we can do in our daily activities that keeps hair strong, and prevent alot of problems like slow hair growth or hair fall issue.

Changing your diet may be the best solution for hair loss, so we’ll introduce 10 foods that can boost your hair growth and make your hair looks healthy and strong, and it’s a healthy nutrition sources that will help alot with your hair problem, so stop thinking alot about hair loss products or hair transplant…etc and start eating these healthy food.

10. Salmon For Hair Growth

oleic fatty acid, salmon, branched fatty acids,

Salamon, sardines and some type of fish is a good source of fish oil vitamins, omega-3, oleic fatty acid and proteins. The only way to get this healthy fats is food and supplements, they help you protect from disease, and it’s one of the best hair treatment for hair loss.


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