Part 1 : Eliminate stagnation in your life: prayers that treat the spirit of stagnation

How do you know if you’re stagnating? Here are some signs

· If you had a chronic procrastination on your goals.

· If you never want to do something.

· If you keep on going to sleep, to eat, to play, to do activities without thoughts and to have fun.

· If you know you should do something but keep avoiding it.

· If you have a deep sense of feeling that you are living under your potential.

· If spiritual things like studying the scriptures, praying, and having friendship with your brothers, it doesn’t matter to you.

All these signs indicate that one operates under the spirit of stagnation and that it must be faced in prayer.

The spirit of stagnation is the force of the delay that makes the past of a person better than the present. This slowing down force creates stagnation, waste of energy and delays in the realization of the allocation of life. The devil is our greatest enemy, he wants to prevent us from pursuing our goals, he wants to prevent us from moving forward and even hinders our greatness by stagnating and putting our life on hold. Try to make God a liar in the lives of God’s people. Don’t be ignorant of the devices of the devil. Since the devil is the enemy, we must therefore fight in the place of prayer to bring our life back on the right path, to where God really meant it to be.

Prayer is a very important spiritual tool for fighting and kicking the enemy’s operation, so as a believer we must use this strong weapon to bring down those fortresses that prevent us from making progress. The Scriptures say in 2 Corinthians 10: 4

“Because the weapons of our war are not carnal, but powerful through God until the demolition of the fortresses”

As you spend time talking to your father about your situation, also try to study his word, ask him to give you a verse that applies to your situation, mention it, confess it and apply it directly to yourself. You can also pray in the spirit, speak in tongues like the Holy Spirit gives statements. As you pray the prayer points in this book, it will destroy

· Any barrier that works against your progress.

· Hard work without profit

· Constant frustration

· Unsuccessful effort

· Failure to achieve anything in life.

· Satanic embargo on your finances

· Slow progress

Stagnation is a situation in which an individual stops experiencing progress in his life. It’s called an “anti-progression syndrome”. It is when an individual’s life is waiting, continues to work and work and has nothing to show for it, they move from failure to failure and from one challenge to another. They try to change the situation but keep coming back to the same point.

When the water does not move or flow, it begins to smell or unpleasant smells, it is the same for someone in a state of stagnation. As children of God, we are designed to progress steadily and not stand on one point, and if one does not move in life, that person will gradually start to smell, people will not want to deal with that person and will also start to go back. I pray in the powerful name of Jesus every state of stagnation in your life will be completely eliminated.

This state of stagnation is a difficult situation, and is thought to make the Glory of God manifest. Without challenges, there would be no victory. Dan 6:10. When you find yourself in a situation where your health continues to deteriorate, where you have not been promoted to work even after working for long years, where your activity has been the same for a long time (no enlargement or increase), or your financial history has been the same for years, so it can be said that stagnation is occurring. These situations are obstinate and unpleasant situations that require violent faith and prayers to overcome them permanently. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you must be spiritually dissatisfied with it, shake off any spiritual laziness. Then his yoke will be broken and you will receive freedom in every area of ​​your life.

In the book of Exodus 14: 1-end we saw how God freed the children of Israel from their state of stagnation. The children of Israel had been in Egypt for years; they were working as slaves for the pharaoh and could not go on. But God came to their aid and saved them from their enemies. From now on, the Almighty Lord will free you from your enemies and destroy them completely in the name of Jesus.

In 1 chronicles 4: 9 -10. We were told that Jabez was a man of honor, but he never experienced this honor, he had no progress in his life. Until Jabez woke up from his spiritual sleep, he never got his release. So until we get to a point where you can say enough, there will be no change.



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