Couple Decides To Make A Change and 18 Months Later, Their Lives Ultimately Changed

Realizing Her Bad Habits

For as long as she could look back, weight issues and Lexi had walked through life hand in hand. Despite that, she was a girl of good spirits and never let her eating habits weigh down her mood. Like most of us, she had planned time and time again to lose weight, but could never fully commit as cravings kept calling. By the time she was 25, Lexi weighted a startling 392 pounds. This is when she began to realize things had to change.

Love Finds Lexi

Her eating issues aside, Lexi continued living in the moment and eventually came across Danny. They had known each other for ten years and had a very concrete relationship. He loved her for her and never put an emphasis on her size or shape. That said, he also had some bad eating habits and never pushed her to live a more healthy lifestyle. In fact, he was on board with her sedentary lifestyle.

Giving Into Their Bad Habits

Danny also suffered from weight issues and was up to 280 pounds at the time. Furthermore, he had no plans of losing any weight. Together they lived with few restraints and would eat out every night and when they didn’t want to go out, they’d order takeout. They would even spend hours together consuming at buffets. Clearly, they were bad for each other and both of them began suffering from some health issues.

Food Never Abandoned Her

Lexi was very open about her eating issues started. During an interview, she stated, “Growing up, we never had a lot of money and my parents never cooked. Processed foods were always easier to purchase than healthy foods…” The habits only came on stronger when she met Danny. The pair would spend hours eating in front of the television. She further said that food had never left her side and that she felt in no rush to leave food.

They Were Unable

Life of Lexi and Danny has become centered around binge eating and television marathons. Amidst this parade of indulgence, Lexi realized that she couldn’t do things that other people easily do. Lexi and Danny couldn’t ride bikes together, couldn’t hike small trailers, go on romantic walks or even browse the local mall. She had eaten herself into a life of limitations.

Danny’s Proposal

Despite their limiting conditions, Danny’s love for Lexi saw no limits. The two walked out onto the beach on a romantic afternoon and as the 500 pound Lexi looked into the ocean, Danny bent down on his knees before her and proposed and she agreed. No conditions, no sizes or would stop him from seeing her as beautiful. However, shopping for her wedding dress was an experience that made her feel awful. Find a size 34 was hard and people would often give her dirty looks.

Their Wedding

Danny and Lexi couldn’t have been happier on the day of their wedding. They had both scored a lifetime with the person that made them feel complete inside. That said, marriage inspired a new batch of concerns for both Danny and Lexi. Doctors said that having a baby wouldn’t be a realistic goal. The process could have dire effects on both Lexi and the baby. This, of course, broke her heart.

She Was Trapped

The bad news about her future opened up her to a world of realizations. She wasn’t only unable to fulfill her dream of being a mother, but she couldn’t even fit on a plane and travel. She had been a long time fan of Harry Potter and she so badly wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida. It just wasn’t a possibility. Even if she somehow got there, she wouldn’t fit on any of the rides. These realizations haunted her to no end.

She Had No Control

Their first year of marriage went by in what felt like a single moment of binge eating and binge-watching TV. Their1 day to day lives saw little to no changes from the one day to another. Lexi felt like she had lost any control she had ever felt. She felt like if she didn’t make some changes soon she’d soon find herself at the point of no return. Lexi knew she only had one life to live and didn’t want to spend it in front of the television.

New Year’s Resolution

The year 2016 rolled around, Lexi decided to make a very brave resolution. She was going to change her lifestyle and eat considerably less. She took this up a notch by joining her local gym. Danny didn’t feel so up to the challenge and even argued against going to the gym. Eventually, she convinced him that it was for the best and he joined in on the struggle for good health.

Danny Hits The Gym

Danny opened up further in an interview and said, “At first the idea didn’t sound great because it was always good going home, sitting down, eating and not having to worry about anything. It’s a new year and something to work toward while helping Lexi out as well,” In the end, Danny knew the diet and exercise would ultimately lead to a better life for both of them.

A Friend’s Challenge

Danny and Lexi’s friends were overjoyed when they heard about Lexi’s New Year’s Resolution. They were so overjoyed that they decided to make things more interesting. They gave the couple a list of rules and challenged them to follow them. From this point further, Lexi and Danny could no longer drink soda, eat out or have cheat days. Furthermore, the couple would have exercised for a half an hour at least five times a week.

Getting Serious

When temptation called, Lexi just thought back to her dreams and would keep pushing on. She wanted so bad to travel and walk freely. It was time drastic change and she conveyed this best when she stated, We were fed up with the life that we were living and all the things that we weren’t able to do together as a couple,”


Lexi’s Big Problem

Lexi became devoted to giving 30 minutes of her day to the gym and it wasn’t easy for her. The couple had a strong will and a strong support group on their side, but they lacked a personal trainer. In their conditions, a professional would have been their ideal path to weight loss. There off-road style of work out ended up landing Lexi with a fair amount of joint pains.

Finding The Right Gym

Going to the gym revealed some of Lexi’s deep-rooted body issues. As she worked out, she couldn’t help but feel the judgemental eyes on her. She steered herself clear of any packed gyms and found and nice quiet place to work out in and it even had a machine that didn’t stress her joints.“I started going there when I got a free trial and — since it was never really crowded, my machine faced the wall (so I didn’t feel like everyone was watching me), and I found a machine called the CrossRamp that didn’t hurt my joints at 485 pounds — I fell in love with it.”

Everyday Was A War

The journey to health would often see them surrounded by hardships. Just waking up and heading to the gym felt like an uphill battle and their temptation to eat fell upon them daily. They would got to work, go to the gym and then head home and cook their own meals. This wasn’t an easy feat, but together they powered through their habits and managed to resist the frozen pizzas that loomed over them.

A Lifestyle, Not A Diet

It was important to them not to label their eating changes as a diet. Diets can be easily broken. That said, they called it a lifestyle. The young couple began looking at fast food as poison and would avoid it at all cost. There was no way they would delve into a greasy burger. It wasn’t even an option. Lexi had a way of withstanding this temptation. “I started taking the foods I loved and making healthier versions so I no longer felt like I had to give up something or deprive myself.”

New Found Support System

If you start to change your lifestyle, try new things and begin attending classes, naturally, you’ll start meeting new people. This is exactly what happened to Lexi and Danny. At the start, they felt awkward, but then they began talking to people and pretty soon they had new friends with a common interest and whole new support system that would not let them fail. With this, the negative influences began to fade away.

It All Paid Off

Lexi’s fear of other people’s judging stares soon faded. She clarified this when she stated, “If people were going to stare at me because of my weight, I was going to give them a reason to stare by being the hardest worker in the room.” Her new attitude enabled her to lose 20 pounds per month. Every thirty or so days she’d look like a different person. Within a year she looked completely different from the woman she was.

Danny Lost Weight As Well

Working out beside Lexi on a daily basis had a profound impact on Danny. In two years he had managed to shrink down by a hundred pounds. He wasn’t only grace by more energy but was now able to dress in more fashionable clothing. This was only the start for Danny. He would continue to hit the gym and would stick to his strict diet.

Lexi Transformed Completely

After 18 months sweating up a storm in the gym and cooking all her meals, Lexi managed to knock off 312 pounds. What made the accomplishment even more gratifying was that she never turned to surgery or diet pills. Lexi and Danny simply exercised self-control and kept their cravings in check. Any pride she may have felt when she looked in the mirror was completely justified.

Becoming An Instagram Sensation

As a method of toughening up her support system, Lexi created an Instagram for herself. The account name she goes by is “Fat Girl Fed Up” and as soon as it took off it became an Instagram sensation. Right now Lexi has over 750,000 followers. Her followers never hesitate to shower her with appreciation for inspiring them. Whenever she gets a message, Lexi always makes sure to right back. It is her way of connecting with her fans.

Becoming A Star

Lexi and Danny’s progress spread across Instagram like a wildfire and then began to hit the internet. It didn’t take long for their story to get attention TV stations from all over the nation. Pretty soon the couple found themselves giving TV and radio interviews. They even managed to get a time slot on Rachel Ray where they got to show off their cooking skills and talk about eating well. Despite this brush with fame, the stardom didn’t go to their heads. In fact, they were more humble than ever.

Getting Their Second Chance

Between the two of them, they lost over 400 pounds and they continue to push forward. As a kind of reminder of how much they accomplished, Danny and Lexi decided to go back to the beach that he proposed to her on all those years ago. This was a way of celebrating their new lease on life. It was amazing how they were able to walk on the beach without feeling an ounce of pain.

Making Her Dreams Come True

These days, nothing is holding Lexi back. She has recognized her dream and has fulfilled it. The two managed to get up on that airplane and fly to Florida and finally enter Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. The couple has no issues getting on the rides, in fact, they even had room to spare. Having lost that much weight, the couple has tripled their quality of life.

Free From Herself

She recently spoke up about how she felt when she was obese and her statement was shocking, to say the least, “I am grateful for every single day and I am enjoying the journey. Every day is a non-scale victory and a reminder of how far I’ve come. Like, I loved myself even at 485 pounds, but just to be able to wake up and do whatever I want to do and go wherever I want to go… I don’t feel like I’m a prisoner in my own body anymore.”

Advice From Lexi To You

People from all over the world have been touched by Lexi and Danny’s accomplishments. Knowing this keeps Lexi posting pictures of her, her husband and other inspiring couples who lost weight. When asked what advice she’d give to a person struggling with weight issues, she said, “Start small — small changes add up to big results — and focus on each day, not how far you have to go.”

Loving Her New Life

When questioned about her major changes, Lexi has stated, “There are no words to explain the feeling of saving your own life. Going into 2018 I have nothing but a newfound happiness for this life I am living. I no longer am a prisoner in my own body and instead of just existing in my own life, I’m finally alive. Every day I wake up is a blessing. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and this new life that I’m living. I saved my own life, and for that, there are no words — only gratitude.”

Lexi And Danny Going Hollywood

Once they began making positive changes, positive things started happening to them. Lexi recently got invited to the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards by TNT Drama and Loreal Paris. It was far from anything the Indiana natives had ever experienced. In her wildest dream, she never imagined her and Danny walking down a red carpet. They also got to stay in a luxury hotel.


Having A Baby

Now about that baby. Lexi has stated that she can definitely see herself having a family with Danny in the next few years. Only a couple years prior and a baby wasn’t even a consideration. This is what dedication and hard work can accomplish. They went from binge eating and binge watch to become an inspiration to thousands across the world.


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