8 hacks to maximize space in small houses

We all know that the biggest problem in small houses is that of space and the other one is that of maximizing the available space and make the small areas appear big and spacious. It looks like a problem in the beginning but the first steps have to be taken in planning the right kind of furniture, upholstery, appliances, and much more. Some of these tips are going to be very beneficial in designing your home when there is a lack of space.

1. Define your windows well

The trick here is to define the windows in style. However, style is not enough to work for you. Windows should be draped in such a way that it allows maximum light in. Use bright curtains, preferable light colored to let the sunlight in. Place a mirror in the window area to reflect the room light and create brighter atmosphere. Mirror woks up the décor and also brings style. Do keep the windows clean as dirty ones will make the appearance shabby and stuffy. Use long drapes from top to bottom to create an illusion of space.

2. Simplicity in furniture

Simplicity in furniture works great for small areas and the intricate and heavy furniture pieces tend to clutter the space and make it look stuffy. It has been seen that simple and elegant furnishing has always looked better in general sense. However, it is not that complex designs are a strict NO; you can still experiment and see what works best for your house, family, moods, and style. A settee style sofa or sofa-cum-bed styles are a hit too.

3. Closet doors have to go

Closet doors occupy quite a lot of floor space for opening, closing, and using. If those doors are swinging open around the floor, then make sure that you get them removed. The ones opening on a height like the kitchen or the bathroom are still fine. This brings quite a lot of space to the room but you have to be very organized about your closet then. However, isn’t small housing all about being organized! Drape a long curtain from top to bottom of the cupboard to cover your stuff and you can experiment with some stylish drapes and handicraft designs to bring spice to the room. Try it; it is not a bad idea!

4. Get rid of your music collection

It sounds criminal to say so but you have to get rid of your music collection and other such things. They occupy quite a bit of space and the facility of playing music can be handled by other devices too. How about a radio! Get used to digital music and use your phone and computer to do the task. Music collection is a matter of pride but more space is far more important. You may be a Beatles or Jackson fan but those songs are readily available and you have far more portable options available that occupy less space and look cool.

5. Be practical

You should learn to be more practical and learn to say no to some emotional or formal entanglements. It is alright to apologize and explain that you do not have enough space for big parties, barbecue get together, or guests to sleep over night. You have to learn to be practical because you cannot manage all these arrangements and your guests will not be comfortable with your limited space and things. It is better to bring the practical side to dominance and let people know about the limitations.

6. Buy better domestic things

You may not have a cleaning closet or big cupboards for kitchen. So, the way out is to invest in containers and cleaning equipments that do not look dirty if they are found hanging in a corner. Go shopping for some pretty and fancy stuff instead of standard brooms, dustpans, and mops. There are some luxury stores that have very useful but fancy stuff to choose from.

7. Say no to “small”

Have you experienced that small things are as difficult to store as the big ones, probably more! Get rid of small things like extra spoons, baking trays, racks, etc. Tell your friends that you prefer some sensible gifts or gift vouchers rather than small little things that end up adding big bulk to your luggage and storage space.

8. Change your towels

Till now you have been using thick and large bathroom linen but define your bathroom closet in a new way. Use quick dry thin towels that do not need much air and sun. Small house people have small bathrooms and it does not allow much ventilation. The towels take long to dry and the linen and bathroom both smell moist and stuffy, they lack freshness. If you switch your towels for smaller, thinner, and quick dry kinds, they would go well with your small space.


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