10 Food & Drink Hacks You Must Know

Who doesn’t like food and drink? Personally, I can’t live without them. This collection of hacks will show you how to make your fizzy drinks fizzier, your leftovers hotter, and your precious wine cooler. Feast your eyes on these top tips to make your scoffing superior and your slurping sublime!


We all love bananas, well some of us do. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, if they lasted longer in the fruit bowl? You can’t really munch your way through a whole bunch in a day–you’ll get potassium poisoning! Let me put your fruit-loving mind at rest with this clever little hack.

By wrapping the stalks in plastic wrap the bananas will be fooled into thinking that they are back on the tree (this might not technically be true, as no one really knows what a banana is thinking). The bananas will now last three, or possibly four, extra days, giving your body the time to recuperate before you hit it with more bendy yellow goodness.


If you’re a cheese-on-toast fan or a croque connoisseur, this hack takes you one step beyond.

This version of a grilled cheese sandwich will not only make you salivate in anticipation but also toast the bread to perfection and keep the cheese all gooey and delicious. Prepare your sandwich as you would normally, using a cheese of your choice, wrap it in parchment paper, and place into a hot oven. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t burn, and when it’s done take it out and enjoy. Just be sure to blow on it first; melted cheese can be a bit “burny.” The best part about this hack is that you can cook more than one sandwich at a time, so you’ll never be short of grilled cheese. I’m eating one right now.


So, you have dinner guests coming over and want to show off a little. Stuffed peppers always impress, right? But how do you cook them without making a complete mess of your oven when they invariably topple over and spill their delectable filling? Easy.

Dig out your muffin baking tray–its perfectly sized recesses will keep the peppers upright while cooking, as well as at the preparation stage. But be warned: If you are a bad cook, no matter how much you want to impress your dinner guests, this hack won’t help. Do yourself a favor and order in.


Eggs are tricky little customers, perfectly packaged so we can’t see or smell if they’ve gone bad until they’re cracked open!

To avoid that “bad boiled egg smell” in the kitchen (and to avoid you or your dog being blamed for poor bowel control again), separate the bad from the good by placing the egg(s) into a bowl of water: The ones that float to the top are bad; the sinkers are good. I like to remember this information with a little rhyme: Floaters for the bin; sinkers for the win!


Keeping on the egg theme, this hack will make peeling hard-boiled eggs a cinch. No longer will you have to suffer the indignity of picking the eggshell off bit by little bit, constantly aware that at any moment you could fall foul to a piece of it jamming itself under your fingernail.

To avoid the frustration, not to mention the injury, try putting half a teaspoon of baking soda into the water while your eggs are cooking. This softens the shell slightly, making them miraculously easy to peel.


If, like me, your love for the perfectly toasted sandwich knows no bounds, read on.

When toasting the bread, place two pieces side-by-side into one slot of the toaster and slide the handle down. What do you get? That’s right: a half-bread, half-toast hybrid! Add your favorite filling (mine’s bacon with ketchup, if you’re wondering), and tuck in. This is quite the sandwich, giving you the best of both worlds–crunchy toast on the outside and soft doughy bread on the inside. Dee-lish!


I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to separate the yolk from the white using the “eggshell” method, only to burst the yolk and ruin whatever it is I’m trying to make. This hack is much more effective.

Crack the egg into a bowl and get hold of a clean, empty plastic bottle. Remove the cap and give the bottle a squeeze, holding it tightly. While still squeezing, place the mouth of the bottle carefully on top of the yolk and release it. The vacuum you create will suck the yolk into the bottle to be transferred wherever you desire.


Do you love popcorn but hate it when you end up doing permanent dental damage on an un-popped kernel? This hack will help.

After popping the corn, don’t immediately tear open the bag and eat it like a horse troughing from a nosebag. Instead, open the bag just enough for the unpopped kernels to come out, and give it a shake. You can then safely dispose of the tooth-hating, inedible kernels.


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